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Below you will find a list of services and descriptions that explain the purpose of the service. 

Support Groups
Support groups are provided for all ages; however, different groups for different ages.  Support groups are geared towards suicide prevention. This means that a group may be offered for those who have attempted suicide, family/friends of those who have suicidal ideations, or family/friends of those who have completed suicide. Additional topics include: safety planning, warning signs, etc. These groups can be requested to be hosted by our facilitators for a closed group.  Otherwise, all support groups are free and open to the public. 
Case Management   
ACYM offers linkages to healthcare providers. ACYM is developing partnerships with local (Raleigh-Durham,NC area and Hampton Roads, VA area) agencies and organizations that provide medication management, psychotherapy, and mental health support.  
Gatekeeper Trainings
A gatekeeper is an individual who works closely with someone who may have a mental or behavioral health symptoms or diagnosis.  These trainings are provided to gatekeepers to better prepare them in crisis of an individual.  Below you will find a list of trainings ACYM currently offers:
  • COMING SOON: Mental Health First Aid ~ Ideal for individuals who do not have a background in mental health
  • QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) Gatekeeper Training ~ Practical suicide prevention training
  All trainings are provided to organizations and groups for free.  Donations are always welcome! This ensures that ACYM is able to continue to keep trainings free for intended audiences!

Empowerment Groups
Empowerment groups are provided for all ages; however, different groups for different ages. Empowerment groups are focused on mental health awareness.  This means that a group may cover some of the following topics: self-worth and self-esteem, functioning with a diagnosis, and seeking professional support.  These groups can be requested to be hosted by our facilitators for a closed group.  Otherwise, all empowerment groups are free and open to the public.  
---Community Programming Series
This series of empowerment groups are offered in a predetermined series (be it weekly, biweekly, etc.).  Topics covered in this series range from healthy friendships to coping with stress to tolerance and stigma.  Topics and material can be adjusted for a specific age group. Empowerment groups are NOT counseling services, instead they educate youth on different facets of mental health. ***Donations are accepted for the Community Programming Series.***

Community Education Workshops
One of ACYM's major constructs is mental health awareness.  Community Education Workshops educate on mental health, different diagnosis, warning signs of suicide, etc. Workshops can be requested for a closed event for a particular group.  Otherwise, workshops are free and open to the public.
Warmline Support
If you or someone you know needs to talk to
someone about we can be contacted via phone/text, Facebook messenger, or Instagram direct message.  We are not a crisis hotline, but a warmline (contact information is below). A warmline provides early intervention services before someone is in crisis and needs the support of a hotline and licensed professional. Through early intervention, the individual is able to talk to a peer and identify protective factors and create a plan on how to maintain wellness and ultimately, keep safe. 
         In the event that an individual is experiencing suicidal ideations, we are trained in QPR (Question, Persuade, and Refer). This training teaches the risk factors and warning signs of suicidal behavior and models how to get someone experiencing suicidal ideations help.
All conversations are confidential.  However, if you are at risk to yourself or others emergency responders will be immediately contacted.
Call/Text: (757) 986-0715
Facebook: @AnotherChanceYouth
Instagram: @anotherchanceyouth
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